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Would you like a massage for that back pain?

Best Massage Spa in Faridabad at My Le Spa

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A comforting massage may feel relaxing, but could it also have real health benefits? As documented in early drawings in Egyptian tombs and in Chinese scriptures dating back to 2700 BC, massage involves a variety of techniques to rub the body and relieve muscle tension and pain. For example, Swedish massage uses long movements and kneading movements, and deep tissue massage uses intense, focused pressure on areas of pain or tension.

What you should know if you go with a massage therapist

• Most states in the country regulate massage therapists; The requirements may vary. It is best to work with medical professionals who are certified by a national organization, such as the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Therapies.

• Some health insurance policies cover a limited number of massages if prescribed by a doctor, but massage therapy is not covered by Medicare.

Stone massage - one of the most popular and the most ancient methods of healing the heated stones. Volcanic basalt, which is used in the procedure, has a specific energy. This relaxing massage has a positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and normalizes blood pressure, fatigue and stress. Also used as a therapeutic massage in faridabad. If you buy a ticket on the stone massage in Minsk in our heart, give yourself a lot of pleasure and bright emotions.

Face massage "motions 36" is able to perform a rejuvenation wonders. The procedure is based on the ancient Chinese art and has been tested for centuries. As a result of skillful manipulation masseur wrinkles, improves complexion, the skin becomes supple and soft. The Chinese claim that these 36 movements slow down the aging process. Cost of one session - 30 rubles. And if you buy a ticket at face massage, the price of a single session decline by 15%. This is advantageous.

Foot massage - a universal method for the prophylaxis and therapy. Effects on reflex zones which are located on the feet, has a positive effect on all organs of the human body. Foot massage can help relieve a headache or back pain, improve eyesight, clear the lungs, etc. Moreover, it is surprisingly pleasant procedure. Therefore, a gift certificate for a foot massage can be a strange surprise for your friends and loved ones.

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